Work with Us

If you would like to find a way to give back to your community and you are not sure how to get started, please consider becoming a volunteer! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of many shelter pets.  Fill out the form now, it only takes a minute of your time!

*Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.  However, volunteers that are 16+ years of age can participate with adult supervision

If you’re under the age of 16, but still wish to help the LaGrange – Troup County Humane Society, we have lots of ways to participate!

*Due to the restrictions at our facility, we are not able to accommodate court-mandated service hours at our organization.

Photographs of our dogs available for adoption may be posted on social media.
We are not allowed to post photos that include anyone in them if they did not consent to having the picture taken.

Exercise Volunteer

Just the way we need exercise, so do our pups!

The Exercise Volunteer is someone who comes to the shelter to walk, play with, groom, and socialize our pups with people, and sometimes other pups.

All you need is a love for dogs and a little time to spare for our four legged fur balls. :)


Writing Volunteer

Our Writing Volunteers are crucial ot putting our message into writing for the website, blog, newsletter, or other forms of communication.

These Volunteers need to have a wonderful way with words, and a driving desire to write for or about dogs. 

Mobile Unit Transportation

For our Off-Site mobile adoption events, our Mobile Unit Transportation Volunteer uses their own truck to pull our Mobile Adoption Unit trailer.

This role requires a 1/2 ton full size truck, and someone familiar with towing mid-size box trailers.

Adoption Volunteer

Our Adoption Volunteers are the wonderful people who help us out at adoption events. They help introduce and show the dogs to potential adopters, and ensure that the dogs don't get a chance to make a clean getaway without their new human!



Transportation Volunteer

Just as we need to have regular doctor visits, so do our pups!

A Transportation volunteer is someone who transports one or more of our pups to or from the vet, or other places as needed.

Somone in this position will need to have their own vehicle that passes the paws test.

Administrative Volunteer

Our Administrative Volunteers are the fine folks that help us keep up with all the paperwork in the office.

Skills needed include sorting, organizing, filing, and general clerical stuff.

Photography Volunteer

The Photography Volunteer is someone who has a knack for making thousand word statements with just a picture, has their own camera equipment, and enjoys setting up and taking pictures of pups!

These pictures (and/or videos!) are the key link to introducing our pups to the public before they come in!

Outreach Volunteer

Our Outreach Volunteers are the people who help educate the community about dogs, adoption, the Humane Society, and all the parts and pieces of what we do.

This volunteer is someone who enjoys speaking in public to audiences of all ages.

Fundraising Volunteer

Just as we all need money to pay our bills, so do we at the Humane Society.

Our Fundraising Volunteers literally make the donuts for our organization, and help us raise the funding we need to continue rescuing and re-homing our pups!

Volunteer rules and policies

(Coming soon!)